As a Single Person, Will I Be Second Class in Heaven?

This question came from a reader: "As a middle aged, never-married, Christian single with no kids, life is lonely. ...How will I fare in Heaven when surrounded by mostly large families where people have their kids, grandkids, many friends, a spouse, etc., and I'm alone?"

Reviewers Respond to My New Book Happiness, Plus EPM Giving Away 10 Copies

Reviews of my new book Happiness are coming in. After three years of researching and writing this book, it’s fun and encouraging to see readers’ responses. Very grateful! 

What My New Book Happiness Is and Isn’t About

I spent the last three years researching and writing on a biblical view of happiness. It was a lot of work, but also an eye-opening and happy-making experience as I examined the often-neglected truth that though the present world involves much evil and suffering, nonetheless God calls us to find pleasure and delight in him.

Abortion Isn’t About Women’s Health

It’s common to talk to women physically or psychologically damaged by abortions, who say, “I had no idea this could happen; no one told me about the risks.” Unfortunately, the large body of evidence indicating significant abortion risks has been suppressed and ignored.