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  • Words to Share with Hurting People

    I pray that God would wrap His arms around you, comfort and encourage you, and do a work of grace. There is no question that some beauty will come from ashes. I pray that the beauty will be widespread, deep, and lasting.

  • What should our perspective be about taxes?

    Sometimes Christians get sidetracked from their central mission as God's stewards through illegitimate or secondary financial concerns. In my opinion, one example is the tax protest movement that now includes thousands of Christians across the country, many of whom use their church contacts to propagate their cause. 

  • Will We Become Angels in Heaven?

    I’m often asked if people, particularly children, become angels when they die. The answer is no. Death is a relocation of the same person from one place to another. The place changes, but the person remains the same. 

  • Living a Life of Grace and Truth for the Audience of One

    What distinguished the first Christians from the world around them? It certainly wasn’t their buildings—they had none. It wasn’t their programs—they had none. It wasn’t their political power—they had none. Read Acts 2 and Acts 4 and you see a radical difference in the ...

  • Quote of the Week
    Quote of the Week

    “The Christian does not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.”  –C. S. Lewis  

  • Can you know you're going to Heaven?
    Can You Know You're Going to Heaven?

    Have you said yes to Christ’s invitation to join him at the wedding feast and spend eternity with him in his house? If you have been putting off your response, your RSVP, one day you will deeply regret it.

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  • Lord Foulgrins Letters

    Imagine what a major coup of military intelligence it would be if we could place a wiretap in Hell's war room. What if we could plant a bugging device where we could overhear our enemies assessing our weaknesses and strategizing how next to attack us?

  • Purity Principle

    Author Randy Alcorn shows us why, in this culture of impurity, the stakes are so high—and what we can do to experience the freedom of purity.

  • Sexual Temptation Booklet

    Revised and updated! This booklet provides clear, preventive guidelines we can follow to avoid immorality.

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